What a year it has been for Think Cre8tive Group!

We have had no time to keep you updated via our blog – most of the projects we are working on are on Facebook so please check out our page if you are on Facebook @thinkcre8tivegroup.

Over the past year we have been developing our health intervention projects. In Bolton we have been particularly successful with our Sing It Out! Recycled Teenagers – singing in care homes project. We would love to see every Care Home in Bolton singing and using our fantastic resources and bespoke programmes. Pam and Frances will be delivering a conference at the end of the year to show all care homes how they can implement singing in their settings. In the meantime over the last year they have been helping people in homes to enjoy singing, become more confident, make new friends and be a part of something special. Care homes will hopefully soon be able to have their own book and CD recordings to continue their great work. Care Home groups have performed in various places – we can’t keep up!

Did you know?

Singing helps a variety of health issues: Heart conditions, lung disease, depression, anxiety, dementia. Movement disorders, stroke, chronic pain, isolation and diabetes!

In Bolton we have secured some great funding to be able to continue this work however there is always a need for more to be able to get singing into every home! We hope after Frances’s and Pam’s success to roll this programme out in Wakefield very soon!

Over in Wakefield we have been developing out Sing It Out! Mama programme helping mums and babies. The first project secured funding from Efficiency North and we were honoured in July to win their social initiative of the year award. We recognise that having a baby can be difficult for women. It is a huge change in a life that brings with it a whole range of feelings from loneliness to feeling that you are not coping. This project aimed to bring mums together to share and support one another whilst also using singing to help bring mum and baby closer together, build confidence and lift mood.

After our first pilot project we were awarded with £10,000 from the National Lottery to be able to develop this programme over a whole year with mums. Thanks to that funding we have been able to roll Sing It Out! Mama in Bolton as well as in Wakefield. Songbooks and CDs have been given to mums so that they are able to carry on singing with their baby at home. Songs are also available through streaming, downloads and YouTube.

We were also given some funding to start a rock painting project for mums once they finish Sing It Out! Mama sessions. We hope these will continue to help mums make new friends but also offer a creative outlet and a message to other mums who are struggling. Find out more about New Mums Rock here

We would love to continue our work with parents and premature babies so if you are reading this and are interested in what we do, work in a health setting then please get in touch!info@thinkcre8tivegroup.com

Aside from these two main projects Mel has worked on an intergenerational project in Wakefield. Working with residents in two independent living schemes and parents with young children we used music and singing to try and help people with dementia or early onset of. The project ran for six weeks – both residents, parents and children loved the sessions they were just over too soon! Thankfully the sessions continued on a play basis with a childminder taking over the singing. Again we produced books (Sing It Out! Everyone Aloud) and CDs with music on download, streaming and YouTube.

New projects are starting (see our projects surrounding Museum of the Moon on Facebook) however our aim is to continue singing with care homes in Bolton and mums and babies for the near future.

Help us build our company and help more people! We need volunteers, artists and investors. Please get in touch if you can help

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