We have a NEW APP

We are THRILLED to announce the launch of our BRAND NEW APP, Sing it Out! Think Cre8tive!

Our app follows the name format of our 3 leading programs:

  • Sing it Out! Mama (an award-winning singing program for parents of new babies, helping to reduce and prevent post natal depression)
  • Sing it Out! Together (an intergenerational singing program for nurseries and care homes, increasing community involvement and interaction) and
  • Sing it Out! Recycled Teenagers (a singing program supporting “care home choirs”, reducing depression and isolation whilst rehabilitating multiple health conditions including COPD).

Recordings of songs accompany the lyrics of popular songs used in our sessions. Songs for Sing it Out Mama were recorded by Melanie Cossins, while songs for Sing it Out Recycled Teenagers were sung by a local community choir, featuring real voices.

Sing it out Mama 1
Sing it out Mama 2

Sing it out Mama 3
Sing it out Recycled Teenagers

Each of these programs features a book and cd, with music available on Spotify and other online media as well as Amazon Alexa.

Screen shot

Screen shot

For more information, see our Press Release!

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