Pasty and Peas Win!

Pamela Eaton
Pamela Eaton accepts a CVS cheque!

One of our very first projects in Bolton, Sing it Out Recycled Teenagers! was pitched against a number of projects to be offered by a local community to residential home, Eldon Extra Care. After a brief presentation and a group sing-a-long of new song Bela Mama, Think Cre8tive was voted by the residents as an activity that they would like to engage.

After 8 or so weeks of rehearsals, we were invited to the town hall square of Bolton, where our group sang for the passing crowds in an event organised by Ambition for Ageing.

Eldon Extra Care perform for family and friends

Coming up with their own t-shirt design, Eldon Extra Care Choir wanted to perform our songs for family and friends at an Afternoon Strawberry Tea. And then we let them know that they had been invited to perform at an Ambition for Ageing event to be held at the prestigious Midland Hotel in Manchester!


Nerves were palpable as we waited for the break in which we could set up.

Really nervous!

With a range of conditions and a few too unwell to attend, confidence was low. In fact, we were asked to announce that they had only had 8 rehearsals!

Festival of Ageing

They blew the audience away! After watching a more experienced choir sing in harmony, our group were given 15 minutes to set up. More nervous than ever, they had absolutely no need to be. From the outset, their chosen songs were such a fantastic selection of crowd-pleasers and toe-tappers, they they got the whole room singing along, with the whole room chanting, “And I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it!” to Rocking All Over The World! In fact, one of the other choir came over to congratulate the group on coming together so well. The coach home was non-stop singing and celebrating!

Summer Fair 2019

And a few months later, we got a call – could you help us to rehearse for our summer fair!

Going on a summer holiday!

Even the staff dressed up to celebrate! Another few weeks, and more new residents had joined, wearing their fantastic yellow: “Life is a song, sing it, Eldon EC” t-shirts!

Summer fair rehearsals

The highlight was “Danny” (picture before) and “Sandy” singing Summer Nights – sun was out and they were rocking!

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