Singing with the Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies
Limitations do not stop this lot!

Another Pasty and Peas event, but this time, the interested group had to apply for funding. We were chosen by this independent community group, the Golden Oldies, to provide 8 weeks of singing.

Director Pamela and volunteer, Lizzy

Shortly after we were taken on, we were contacted by Lizzy, who started out volunteer program. Coming from a musical background, having learnt the cornet and performing in a local brass band, Lizzy has been a much valued asset to the Bolton team!

Local house converted into a community venue

With its front room set up, the ladies had a range of ages and conditions, some on oxygen, crutches, and more. But we do what we can to ensure that no one is left out or left behind.

We sometimes get criticised for the way our groups are always offered the song words, as others prefer to sing from memory. We have found that song words gives the group confidence to try new things, like singing favourite songs together. Like most of our other groups, the Golden Oldies liked to sing a few newer and a few older songs, and not everyone was familiar with all of the words. One will reminisce about the original singer and the places they went when they heard the song, while another will remember the “naughty” version of the songs words, giving us all a great laugh!

The major hit of the group was that we were always invited to a shared lunch (some groups do not even offer us a glass of water)!

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