Sing it Out Mama: The CD

March 2018 saw the launch of Director Mel’s first Sing it Out! Mama CD!

Our intention has always been to equip people with the resources to live their best lives, and this CD does exactly that. Our Sing it Out! Mama sessions have provided so much support and benefit to the mums that have attended. With little ones not even walking yet, these little bundles of joy also bring an overwhelming feeling of responsibility. Coupled with the demands of the modern world, it can be a lonely, overwhelming place of isolation. And just when you think no one could possibly understand, you meet someone else, like you, with their own tiny little bundle. And in that moment, you know that if they can, you can, too.

All the songs from the sessions

Sessions are geared to give you time to relax, time to talk, time to be. And once we’ve arrived and we’re altogether, we’re ready to sing. Each group uses the same songs and activities, and songs are matched in the accompanying booklet, both available on Amazon (activities are described).

We’ve also managed to get these cds on the popular streaming sites including Amazon’s Alexa: “Alexa, play Sing it Out Mama!” This way, both you and baby can be reminded of that special place where you both received and gave support to another new mum.

Contact us for more information on the next 5 week course.

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