Music Leader Champion Membership

Being a music leader can be so rewarding. Bringing music to people who may not otherwise access it can be life-changing, for them as well as for you.

Having led groups since the 2000’s, we know first-hand that it can be lonely and tricky to start. From the practicalities of instruments and song lists to insurances and policies, we want to make it easier, quicker and better for you, whether starting out or still going years and years later.

Starting with warm-ups

After the success of our first song leader’s training conference in Bolton in November 2019, we were told that you wanted a forum to exchange ideas. You spoke, we listened.

Dr Kat Taylor presenting on music in health care

We are in the process of setting up FREE resources to get you started and keep you going. As we grow, we may introduce higher or more personalised levels of support, but we will always have a free level available because we believe in what you do: we believe in you.

Sign up below to keep in touch – next training sessions (coming up soon, date to be confirmed shortly!), new app development (also coming up soon, to be launched at the next training!).

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