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Making information available is one of our organisations core goals. We also want to know who is using the information so that we can make it more useful and more relevant, which is why we have created the membership option:

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All include our newsletter, so click on the content section below for your level of access to the content you are looking for (P.S. Your level access gives you access to ALL of our programme content!):

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Becoming a member automatically entitles you to be the first to know, so we include you on our newsletter mailouts (you always have the choice to opt out). This is where you will find out more about our latest projects, funding and new products.

YOUTUBE VIDEOs: care Home choir sessions

Since lockdown, Think Cre8tive Group has been creating You Tube videos of hour-long sing-a-long sessions. Using music from a wide range of years, these unlisted links can be accessed by email or on our membership pages, including our FREE level.

Although they are called “care home choir” sessions, these sing-a-longs can be used by many different different groups including health-based (dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, lung, heart, cancer), mental health groups, memory cafes and older interest-based groups (walkers, gardeners, bakers, writers). They feature guitar-accompanied singing of the hits of yesteryear, and more recently, some of the Think Cre8tive Group team joining in during different songs. In addition, each session includes an ebook or session planner, currently available on the Apple store.

YOUTUBE VIDEOS: DAILY SMILE/sing it out mama sessions

We have started to offer Daily Smile sessions for groups with children, offering one musical activity each day to develop musical and wellbeing skills. These sessions are perfect for nurseries, preschools, reception/Key Stage 1 children and afterschool or young child activity clubs.

In addition, we have more recently started to offer the new mums and tots music sessions on an unlisted You Tube link for you to access as and when you can – we know that life can be unpredictable with a new little one. These sessions would suit new mums, or charities and other groups supporting new mums.

soundcloud recordings

We have recordings on SoundCloud for both care home choir sessions and early years sessions that can be accessed from both the paid membership levels as well as the Sing It Out! Think Cre8tive App (Apple and Google Play).

session planners - e-books

We currently have e-books for all care home choir sessions, and these all begin with a session planner index. More e-books will be added for additional sessions over time, as well as a pdf download option.


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