Singing 4 Health

Our Singing 4 Health poster is a health initiative that we are promoting towards developing singing sessions for health conditions. Singing is personal which is why few people sing confidently in public. And with all the training in the world, few teachers sing with their classes; few carers sing with their residents; few mums sing in public – but thankfully, many recognise that singing with your own children is not a performance, but another way to reach out, to calm, to reassure and show love.

Research shows that everyone can sing, but not everyone can perform. Experience shows that everyone can sing, but not everyone can lead a group in singing. This is why we offer sessions led by trained music AND medical professionals, often with special interests in specific conditions.

Singing 4 Health sessions are not a performance. In fact, there is no performance at the end of the sessions. No audition, no homework (unless you want to!): just an empowering environment, allowing you the opportunity to learn to sing well to improve your health condition.

We recognise the extended benefits of singing for both seen and unseen conditions. From depression, anxiety, and chronic pain to cancer recovery, lung conditions, and heart disease, singing builds the resources that you need to overcome conditions that may otherwise reduce or prevent you from living life on your own terms.

We are beginning to contact surgeries that are able to run our sessions appropriate for their individual communities for either mixed conditions (limited by age or gender) or single conditions, and look forward to bringing this service to you soon.