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Who We Are


think cre8tive group cic delivers creativity through music as a health intervention within OUR local communities:

We ensure that we are relevant by:

  • Researching prevalent local health conditions;
  • Partnering with appropriate local charities, and providers;
  • Identifying suitable funders so that services are not restricted by cost.


Our management team brings a number of highly-specialist skills to the table:

Musically, we are experienced and trained instrumentalists, with additional training in the specialist music education skills of the Kodály (singing), Dalcroze (movement) and Orff (instrument) approaches.

Academically, we research and write and deliver sessions based on our skills and training in MEDICINE, PSYCHOLOGY, EDUCATION and MEDIA.


BROAD experience

Frances turnbull:

Frances is Chief Executive, responsible for strategy, research, and IT development. As our guitar specialist, she also develops the theory behind the interventions and currently delivers our Care Home Choir sessions on You Tube and TikTok. Her special interests are neuropsychology and chronic illness.


Melanie is Chief Financial Officer and Creative Director, our singing specialist who heads our finance, budget and forecasting. She has has written and delivered all of the child-related programs project, as well as intergen, rehab and computer design projects. She also has a special interest in using creativity in neurodiverse provision.


Pamela is our specialist Clinical Director, advising on medical approaches and implications of music on conditions. She designs the care home choir sessions and is currently working on our musical intervention for mental health. She devised our first training conference, and is particularly interested in using music in a variety of conditions in older people, particularly dementia.

Melanie Cossins

Our Vision

Think Cre8tive Group CIC [brings / reveals / supports / directs to / encourages] meaning in life by developing and delivering bespoke music programs through health and education interventions.

In this way we are able to engage (education), empower (health) and endure (life).

Our Mission

As a women-led, north-England-based social enterprise, we aim to use creativity through music towards restoring social, emotional, cognitive and physical health.

Using music as a health and education intervention, we aim to support people to be their best selves.

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the best people for the job

the directors of THIS community interest company have what it takes to deliver

United by their love of music and their passion for people, the directors of Think Cre8tive Group community interest company work together to develop and promote their music health intervention programmes.

silhouette, girl, movement
chief executive officer

Frances has been self-employed since 2006, and 6 years-experience working for self-starter millionaire entrepreneurs in her 20’s. As an author and musician for over 30 years, her passion for ethical research underlies her steadfast commitment to improving opportunities for all in the real world.

chief financial officer

Melanie began her journey in successful entrepreneurship in 2000, and 12 prior years of real-work involvement in the arts through music, dance and drama. Her personal experiences of arts in health bring real-world application to her planning, training and delivery.

clinical director

Pamela has a significant range of experience in the medical world of the NHS as a practitioner, chief executive in health, and project pioneer. Her exceptional people skills, decisive action and tenacious project completion are enhanced by her passion for sharing music meaningfully.


"... in the most delightful way!"

Love music? Think music. Think Cre8tive Group CIC.

For health. For education. For life.